Fringe Projects Miami

280 NE 2nd St, Miami, FL 33132 (Animal Crackers pet shop)

1-844-HEXLINK, accessible 24 hours, daily from any phone

Ringing every 15 minutes with unique healing sessions during Miami Art week:

12/4/17:"Thank You Pimples" By Ben Jon Miller
12/5/17: "Sleeping Man In A Distant Planet" by American Fantasy Classics
12/6/17: "The Joke in In You" By Ben Jon Miller
12/7/17: "Abiding Stasis" by American Fantasy Classics
12/8/17: "No More Limbs" by Ben Jon Miller
12/9/17: "Slug Planet" by Manal Kara
12/10/17: "Worms of the Earth" by American Fantasy Classics

On view October 6, 2017– January 31, 2018

Disseminating a unique healing session each day of Miami Art Week every 15 minutes, Fringe Projects is pleased to present Milwaukee-based collaborative American Fantasy Classics’ audio-based work, HEX LINK:

Welcome to the HEXLINK DNA healing center. Our focus is to help replace, renew and heal your damaged and used DNA with the use of tones of various frequencies. Call anytime at 1-844-HEXLINK, or visit the golden transmission terminal at 280 NE 2nd street, in Downtown Miami where every 15 minutes, the portal will open. Should you answer the call, you will be treated to a rotating selection of guiding healing sessions. We encourage all of our clients to revisit often and to try multiple sessions, as the effectiveness and potential conductivity will increase with each listen. -AMERICAN FANTASY CLASSICS

Fringe Projects is pleased to present HEX LINK, a public intervention that is an extension of American Fantasy Classics’ toll free interactive phone line/sound art gallery. The phone medium functions as a digital space where the artists craft collaborative sound based exhibitions, accessible anytime by telephone.

For HEX LINK during Miami Art Week, Passers by will experience the phone ringing every 15 minutes, and experience short healing sessions disseminated by various providers.

Another access point is by dialing 1-844-HEX-LINK from any mobile device at any time. The participant will listen to a prerecorded program and be prompted to answer a number of questions through pressing the keypad—a typical strategy of most corporate call centers. Call content will offer the listener access to a fictional pseudoscientific self-help hot line called MIND AXE.

Special thanks to Animal Crackers Pet Shop.